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Our dream is not only selling resin needles dedicated to collecting blood samples “PINNIX® Light” but also expanding the use of resin needles like similar to conventional metallic injection needles.

Our product, “PINNIX® Light” is a needle for micro blood sampling called lancet needle (Note 1). By making the needle made of resin, it is possible to use it even for metal allergies, and by mimicking the mosquito’s needle it is possible to reduce the size of the wound as compared to a metal needle. In addition, from the viewpoint of prevention of medical accidents, PINNIXLight has a locking function to prevent multiple use, sterilization by individual packaging of product and complete seal, quality assurance by all items inspection.
Since it is made of resin, it can be disposed of by incineration, which prevents infection problems and medical waste issues after use.

Utilizing the merits of “PINNIX® Light”, we will continue to develop resin needles for various uses such as needle for blood collection, injection of medicine into the body, needle for keeping in the body with motto of safety and security for everyone to use. Resin needle will relieve resistance to injection and inspection, and we will contribute to making environment where many people around the world can stay healthier.

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