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What is PINNIX Light?

Resin lancet
Non-metal, designed for maximum safety

PINNIX Light is the world’s first plant-based lancet, developed to be both human friendly and environment friendly. Modeled after a mosquito’s proboscis, it is designed to minimize pain, and comes in individual packages.

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  • 個別包装と完全密封による滅菌保障

  • 滑りにくく片手でも簡単に採取できる特殊形状

  • 一度使用した針は内部でロックし再露出しない

  • 穿刺時以外の針の露出がない安全・安心設計

  • トウモロコシ製の穿刺針

How is pain minimized?

Paper-thin lancet point

The incision is a straight line rather than gouged.

  • Conventional metal lancet img

    Conventional metal lancet

  • PINNIX® Light 0.4mm img

    PINNIXR Light 0.4mm

Single-use, disposable structure

Disposable image

No needle exposure except during puncture
The needle is locked inside after use.
Since it is single-use and disposable, this prevents secondary infection.

Safe individual packages

Completely sealed individual packages significantly improve sterility

packages images

  • July 1993:Japan Society for Virology advocates “physical seal” as a bio-safety guideline
  • October 2003:Sterilization becomes mandatory for vacuum blood collection tubes and other non-sterile products
    (Up to that time, sterilization was not mandatory for products that were not inserted directly into the body.)
  • 2006:ISO 11607 International Standard on “Packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices” is published

Since the product’s development in 2002, PINNIX Light has ensured sterilization using sealed individual packages, similar to packaging used for injection needles and syringes.

PINNIX Light ensures sterilization with individually packaged productsIn addition to being individually packaged,
PINNIX Light is also sealed in a plastic bag with a zip lock,
to ensure cleanliness, safety, and peace of mind with every use.

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Sterility test when PINNIX Light is opened

Without sterilization measures images

Without sterilization measures

Countless germ colonies form


PINNIX Light images

In a 14-day culture extract test,
sterility was proven,
with no germ colonies identified

Staphylococcus epidermis and other bacteria occurring naturally on the skin; norovirus; Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

Reduces risk of pre-use contamination and secondary infection

Types of PINNIX Light

Two thicknesses (0.4mm and 0.8mm), devised with patients’ needs in mind

Device approval no.: 22300BZX00293000
Medical device 49; Medical puncturing device;
Puncturing/perforating device
Controlled medical device; Single-use automatic lancet
JMDN code: 37243002
Needle material: Polylactic acid

PINNIX Light 0.4mm

PINNIX Light 0.4mm produce image

Penetration depth: 0.9mm Blood sample volume: 1-3μL

PINNIX Light 0.4mm image01PINNIX Light 0.4mm image02

PINNIX Light 0.8mm

PINNIX Light 0.8mm product image

Penetration depth: 2.0mmBlood sample volume: 1-50μL

PINNIX Light 0.8mm image01PINNIX Light 0.8mm image02

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